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His imported tile is cracking in the steamy New York climate.

His capacity is being capped at , rather than the he wanted. Like Eileen, Paul still has one foot in this world of raw lust—and of people making money off of it.

Lives in Arkansas, writes about movies, TV, music, comics, and more. Bylines in The A.

Deuce cruising at 40mph. (Really 50 with 395s)

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Cruising the Deuce

About the author Noel Murray. The episode shows capitalism sinking its hooks into what used to be under-the-table, off-the-books sorts of enterprises.

  1. A Grace Given: A Fathers Love for a Dying Child;
  2. Changing faces and facing change on The Deuce.
  3. Orfeo.

Eileen, feeling like she and Harvey could be making more money and booking longer engagements for their work, seeks inspiration first from a grindhouse director with the awesome nom de film Genevieve Fury, and then in the back catalogue of The Brothers Grimm. But even that case of self-defense—which requires some coaching in the interrogation room—is largely setup for Alston-Goldman, round two.

The exhibits:

Alston and Goldman are guys who share a goal of a safer New York City, but differ on how to get there. Alston, the compassionate cop, treats the denizens of The Deuce as people first and criminals second.

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