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Here are four hints that a man has present-day potential to become a mate for life:.

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According to John Malloy, author of " Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others ", which details the results of a survey of 2, men, the singles scene no longer appeals to a man who is ready to marry. Malloy interviewed men from ages 17 to 70 who were about to marry; all admitted they felt increasingly out of place in the bars, pool halls and dance clubs that were once their favorite hangouts. Tina Tessina, Ph. Most men's priorities tend to be focused on winning financial security before having a family.

If he's still struggling to pay his bills, he's not going to want to add the burden of supporting a wife. To take it further, the man you're looking for is a grown-up—someone who can be counted on. He's able to commit to a job, not to mention family and friends. On the romantic front, even if he's not ready to wed right away, he's at least able to discuss the concept of commitment.

Carol Morgan , a Boca Raton matchmaker, observes, "He's ready for marriage when he stares longingly at kids and suggests you would have beautiful children. If your man isn't as straightforward, take a cue from John Malloy, who says, "Most men want to be young enough to teach their sons to fish and play ball and do the male-bonding thing. His research found that age can have a great effect on a man's attitude toward marriage. Most college-educated men don't consider marriage as a serious possibility until age In fact, they enter a phase of high commitment between the ages of 28 and Men who've gone on to graduate school—doctors, lawyers, etc.

But Malloy says that once a single man hits 37, the chances that he'll marry start to fade. So they were unprepared to handle the barrage of problems that got thrown their way.

No matter what you take away from this article, always keep in mind that marriage is a two-way street. What you expect from your husband should be exactly what you offer back to him. From loyalty to being healthy, and from being ambitious to having kids, be sure that you are always able to meet the expectations that you set, in order to not come off looking like a bloody hypocrite.

Now that the aforementioned disclaimer has been drilled into your head, here are 12 practical signs that you need to pay attention to before tying the knot. Debts are big no-nos. Do you really want to be financially insecure for the rest of your lives? Do you really want your husband to sit on his bum all day, while you slave away at work?

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Remember that you want a responsible man to spend the rest of your life with, not a whimsical boy. You always want to be sure that the person you pledge your life to has a positive and happy spirit. This is important as life is filled with ups and downs. However, keep in mind that those in lust will also say the same thing. From where you want to settle down to whether you want kids, discussing these things and agreeing on the same stuff is very important.

The last thing you want is to get married and discover, too little too late, that he wants completely different things. Also, is he even interested in getting married? More young people nowadays are turning their noses up at this conventional act of love. Although some end up changing their minds about it and end up walking down the aisle, many prefer not to have a piece of paper defining their relationship status.

Perhaps you are just the girl of the moment, as much as that might sting. If he truly loved you, he would be setting up and including you in his plans for the future. Think about it for a minute. This is where you need to draw the line. If you are just a tool to pleasure him in bed, you need to drop him and move on. Some men jump the gun and very early on in the relationship, and they will tell a girl they love her—almost as if it has no meaning.

Anyone can say those three words. If he is telling you how much he loves you after the first date, you better not take it to mean anything. Sure, you might be flattered at first, but the feeling will wear off and you will be left with wasted time. Perhaps he wants to get a better job first or wait till after his cousin gets married next year. This is another example of total disrespect, and you should never stand for it.

Healthy relationships are all about balance and loving respect. Yes, a small amount of jealousy is healthy, but when you cross that line, it can be downright dangerous. You deserve to be trusted. In a true loving relationship, he should treat you as his top priority. This means he needs to first consider your wants, needs and desires and to do his best to fulfill them. You deserve to have a guy who always shows you he loves and cares about you, regardless of the setting.

5 Signs Your Boyfriend is Marriage Material

This is the worst! I had a boyfriend like this. I remember getting ready to head off to university and needed help packing the truck up and unloading it. He stayed over and slept in while I loaded the truck, took it to school and unloaded it.

How to KNOW If He's Husband Material...

The jerk came up later in MY new sports car, conveniently just after I was done. Worse yet, I let him get away with it! A solid relationship is all about working together to make certain decisions together. There is no excuse for hitting a woman.

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If your man has threatened you or hit you when he was mad, you need to end it right now. This is a dangerous situation you need to get yourself out of before it escalates into something worse. A couple should want to claim their turf in public and show affection.

18 Signs Your Boyfriend will be a Good Husband

Holding hands is one of the sweetest ways to connect and let the people around you know you are together. This one is just plain disrespectful. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg.