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The dreams Zelda and her fellow new residents had of setting up a new life might be slipping away. But a friendship with restauranteur Luca could be about to unlock the possibilities that lie in the local lemon groves. An eerie phone call plays on her mind and within three days she loses everything — her job, her home and Justin, the only person she thought she could trust. She is eight weeks pregnant and married to the man of her dreams. There are no signs of a forced entry. Nothing is stolen.

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And no one other than the cleaner has a key to the house. Then a campaign of terror begins. Beth becomes increasingly paranoid as it becomes clear that someone close to the family is behind these disturbing events. But who would want Beth dead?

Does the past hold the clue? My Review: Beth is the main character and is currently pregnant again following past miscarriages. Along with her husband David they are looking forward to the pregnancy and life seems good for them. That is until they arrive home one day to find a wreath from her sisters grave hanging above their bed. This is the start of a very different life to what they planned.

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The ensuing story is a very detailed and disturbing tale and highlights just how much havoc things like that have on a person and how their life is truly affected. In this case Beth becomes almost a different person. As the story progresses the tension seems to up a notch with every single day that passes and another event happens. I have never read Mark Tilbury before but this was certainly a page turner for me and I will most definitely be looking out for books of his in the future.

Synopsis: The third novel in the Mure series, from bestselling author Jenny Colgan.

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Flora, who runs the cafe, feels safe and content — unless she thinks too hard about her relationship with Joel, her gorgeous but emotionally and physically distant boyfriend. While Flora is in turmoil about her relationship. Saif came to the island as a refugee, having lost all of his family. As cold winter nights shift to long summer days, can Flora find her happy-ever-after with Joel? Moving the families to a safe place was all the firm could do to protect them.

But now one of the boys goes missing. It can only mean one thing — the Governor has started his revenge. Zara is faced with an unimaginable choice just as she forced the Governor to make his — only this time, it could cost the man she loves his life. My Review: Oh. What an ending to this trilogy and a pretty amazing one at that! This was merely the cherry on the cake with this trio of books and my recommendation would be to buy all three. They are definitely making it into my top ten reads in this genre for the year!!! From the very start of the book the action takes a front seat and pretty much stays there the entire book.

This is a prime example of what a British Crime writer should be doing, and boy has Kerry Barnes got it right! I was enthralled with this latest book but luckily I realised I have yet to read another of her books Deceit so I am off to start that! Synopsis: Lorna lives on the tiny Scottish island of Mure, a peaceful place where everyone helps their neighbour.

But the local GP is retiring, and nobody wants his job. Mure is too small and too remote. Far away, in a crowded camp, Saif is treating a little boy with a badly-cut hand. Saif is welcome in Mure, but can he forget his past?

Book one introduces you to the tiny island of Mure and we met Flora who was the star of the show. When it becomes clear that Kat is involved in Ian's ongoing case, he finds he has no choice and that the hands of fate are proving that true love lasts forever. Ian Evans gave his heart to the girl he had loved since high school, but she broke it when she threw his ring in his face and walked away.

Three years later, when Kat reappears engaged to a powerful politician, Ian feels the burn of betrayal all over again. Kathleen Woods never stopped loving Ian, not even when he glared at her with hatred in his eyes. Her father, a man who stops at nothing to get what he wants, made it clear Ian was unacceptable and forced her to give him up in order to save his life.

However, neither Kat nor Ian knows that fate has unfinished business with them. For while Kat hides the truth, he is covertly investigating her powerful father. Can Ian trust her long enough to take down the drug and smuggling ring he has long been trying to bring to justice? As ghosts are finally laid to rest, more secrets are revealed.

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Good will triumph over evil, law enforcement will have their revenge but can Ian Evans forgive the past and accept that true love is forever? Download: epub mobi Kindle lrf more Online Reader pdb. Price: Free!

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