Manual Krishna: A Love Story

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Certainly, there is a hefty amount of inquisitiveness that captivates the mind when admiring about the pious couple.

Imtiaz Ali to direct a film based on Radha and Krishna’s love story

Lord Krishna often went to Vrindavan to bestow his blessings to the people. He used to play all kinds of mischiefs, would sing and dance with the young cowboys and cowgirls of Vrindavan. Radha was amongst many girls who loved Krishna.

Radha was 10years elder to Krishna and they both wanted to marry each other. Although, Krishna was ready to sworn Radha as his wedded wife, but the world would never accept such a young boy marrying a girl elder to him. They both decided to execute the wedding ceremonial in Vrindavan and decided not to unleash the truth to the sagacious world.

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The main twist in the saga took place when Krishna jokingly said that he was not a king. Radha was traumatized with his paradoxes and asked him to leave.

I can never love a liar. Krishna decided to leave vrindavan and took the final bidding from his beloved in form of a kiss on her forehead.

On accepting the invitation, Krishna participated in the event and decided never to come back to Radha. Both of them remarried again after taking rebirth. Radha and Krishna are incarnations for lord Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi. Radha and Krishna have always been worshipped together.

Radha Krishna: Not So Typical Love Story - For The Love of Kamadeva

The relentless bond has created a new level of love. There are many other beliefs linked with the love story of Radha and Krishna. Krishna without Radha is unimaginable. Their bond is divine and special. Bhalka Tirth in Gujarat marks the place where Krishna is said to have died. While Krishna was asleep in the forest, a hunter named Jara, confusing him with a deer, fired an arrow on his heel, his weak spot, which fatally injured Krishna.

All legends in India have a deep spiritual significance: the war of Kurukshetra symbolizes the inner battle against our dark side; The same applies to the relationship between Radha and Krishna, which can not be reduced to a romantic relationship between a man and a woman: Radhakrishna relationship is considered the highest form of love, the divine love.

Also, the relationship between Krishna and the gopis is not a sexual one but the feeling of the highest love. Whenever we are in any trouble, we remember Lord Krishna in the meaning of God and he shows us the right path.

Radha Krishna

Who is Radha? Krishna and Radha. Lakshmi, Goddess of prosperity. The divine love of Radhakrishna. Krishna marry Rukmini. Vous aimerez aussi Srinagar, an irrestible charm Who could fail to fall for Srinagar, summer capital of Kashmir?

The Third Eye Of Lord Shiva: A Source Of Inquisitiveness

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Radha's love for Krishna