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Sophia was born as the second daughter of three sisters of the Bishop of the Nisan teaching's "Ashura Monastery" in the year When she was 7 years old, she manifested a rare talent Ether Ability and was sent as the adopted daughter to Cardinal Penuel as a future candidate for the Holy Mother of Nisan. However, suffering from congenital illness, she was transferred back home to the Ashura Monastery at the east side of Ignas about a year later as it had a clinic.

There, she met Lacan , although they were moreso acquaintances than friends. A few months later, after recuperating, she returned to Penuel convent. At their parting, Lacan gave Sophia a sketch of herself.

At 13, she was chosen, effectively changing her name to "Sophia". However, this was in the midst of battle between factions over the selection of Holy Mother. Fighting among the Church factions was a bloody battle for the choosing of Mother based on heredity within the Church. The Penuel faction also was not immune to this and gradually Sophia would begin to feel responsible for it, bringing upon the desire to take her own life to end the suffering.

Sophia, a robô que parece humana - mas diz não querer se passar por uma

When the attack on the monastery occurred by Nimrod , Sophia was faced by Karellen , leader of Nimrod's Corps, who was there to kill her by the Nimrod Emperor, Kusel Laodicia. She simply smiled and said " Having been taken by her smile, Karellen instead chose to take her away and protect her. In , upon returning to Nisan with Karellen, Sophia had learned that public interest in Nisan teachings were waning. Sophia, as a candidate for the Holy Mother of Nisan, appeared before the Nisan members.

Because of the former Penuel's sponsorship, Sophia becomes the Mother.

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As a result, she restructured the organization and renamed it the "Nisan Orthodox". In the process, she changes many of the teachings as well. Jaquelinde becomes the Mother's assistant adviser. Upon the outbreak of the Shevat-Solaris War in , refugees poured into Nisan.

Hagia Sophia - HISTORY

After that, when Nisan entered battle, Sophia's will stood as a symbol for the surface-dweller's army, and a symbol of unity and hope among the Lambs. In , at the urging of Karellen, Lacan began painting Sophia's portrait. Lacan avoided painting the bottom right corner as much as he could just so that he could spend more time with Sophia, so the painting was never actually finished. Lacan even lied about not having enough paint. There was a complicated relationship perhaps a love triangle between Sophia, Lacan, and Karellen.

Sophia and Lacan had unrevealed romantic feelings for each other. Karellen had unrequited feelings for Sophia as well.

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He had the greatest temple built, which has stood for centuries. The Hagia Sophia may no longer be a place of worship, but one superstition — allegedly dating back to the days of Justinian I — lives on. The Byzantines considered themselves the natural successors to ancient Rome after the division of the Roman Empire into eastern and western parts in the fourth century AD.

In the event, the Byzantines in the east clung on for nearly a millennium longer than their western counterparts. First married aged 50, Zoe had three husbands, famously marrying her courtier the day that the first passed away he was said to have been poisoned. The mosaic was tactfully altered with the arrival of each new husband.

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In the period it was built, Hagia Sophia was a protocol church in Eastern Rome, not a temple which people could visit and worship at. Hagia Sophia had never been a property of the patriarchate but was directly under the emperor. Hagia Sophia was a protocol church before the conquest, so it served as a protocol mosque. The imams and muezzins of Hagia Sophia and the mudarrises professor , who worked in madrasahs built at the command of Mehmed the Conqueror, were always at the forefront in the Ottoman science hierarchy.

In order to become a Hagia Sophia mudarris in the Ottoman Empire, one had to teach as a professor in numerous corners of the Ottoman lands. The ultimate position reached was teaching in Hagia Sophia. Could you give us some information on these? I learnt a lot about the mysteries of this magnificent temple. These were either square-shaped or quadrangular, and there were six of them. These were removed, and eight replaced these. Calligraphic panes of the al-Hasan and Hussein line were added.

When you view the panes, you can see that the material from the wooden hoop used on the cloth was selected meticulously. For instance, you see that the wooden hoop is made of linden tree. You know that Istanbul is a very humid city, and linden is one of the trees least affected from humidity.

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  5. And it is light. You hang a 7. If you use a heavy tree, you will harm the structure, and it may fall.